Meet: I Love Linen’s Lauren Roe

One of the benefits of staying with us is sleeping on luxurious linen sheets every night. Trust us when we say, you’ll never go back once you’ve had a perfect night’s sleep on premium, natural temperature-regulating 100 per cent linen. At The Halliday, we believe in supporting local labels and artisans so we thought we’d introduce you to the creative talent and founder of one of our favourite homewares brands, I Love Linen.

  We took five with the fabulous Lauren Roe to get her recommendations for Melbourne-style eats on the Gold Coast, her favourite hotels from around the globe and how she spends her Sundays.

You had a tree change from Melbourne to the Gold Coast a few years back. How are you enjoying life on the Gold Coast?

We love living in the hinterland; it’s just beautiful. It’s only a 10-minute drive to Burleigh Beach so we don’t feel terribly isolated at all. I love how easy it is to pop down for a swim or walk, whereas back in Melbourne it was a fully planned day trip!

What has surprised/impressed you about our surf city?

I grew up here so coming back 15 years later, I was so happy to see a real surge in lovely bars and restaurants. 

There are some incredibly creative folk living at the Southern Gold Coast these days. Who inspires you?

Yes, it really is a great place to live these days. I have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing and creative people and business owners, artists and dreamers including as real-life angel Tess Guinery, Marissa Bowden who runs The Village Markets bringing together some fine creative talent, Rachel who owns the incredible Craft Parlour and Lauren Lance who has an amazing retail space for all things plants at The Borrowed Nursery. That’s just the tip – there are so many more!

Where to for Melbourne-style eats?

A must is Labart for a special dinner and Rosella’s if you want a great wine list and well-designed bar space.

Which I Love Linen products do we need in our homes for summer?

Linen, of course! It regulates your body heat, but I also absolutely LOVE sleeping on our organic bamboo bedding in summer. We don’t talk about that often enough and it’s simply divine.

You are an avid traveller. Can you share three of your favourite hotels around the globe?

I recently enjoyed a trip with a friend to Singapore – and with direct flights from the Gold Coast it’s so easy to get there – and stayed at The Andaz, which is a cool boutique hotel near the Arab Quarter. The design was really spot on and the happy hour on French Champagne was thoroughly enjoyed! 

I’ve also enjoyed a stay at the Town Hall Hotel in East London, which is a lovely boutique hotel. The next place on my wish list is Hoshinoya at Lake Fuji, Japan. It’s owned by the group that have also developed an insanely luxe ryokan-style hotel right in the heart of Tokyo. The hotel at Lake Fuji is impeccably designed and close to hiking and nature trails, hot springs and beautiful food – bliss!

An ideal Sunday on the Gold Coast would be spent….

If my 18-month-old didn’t wake up at 5am, a sleep-in would be nice! 

I like a morning at the beach, yum cha with the family at Jasmine Room (an old habit from my Melbourne days), followed by taking the kids to one of the parks or back home for a swim and relax on our deck overlooking the hinterland with a Prosecco in-hand.


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