Holidaying with The Beach People

Many of you will be familiar with luxury beach essentials brand, The Beach People.

The brainchild of sisters Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie – two of the nicest, most humble women around – the brand’s iconic round towel instantly became a staple for beach babes all over the world when it launched seven years ago.

Here at The Halliday, we have the seaside luxe towels, crafted from only the finest fabrics,  and bags at our properties for our guests to use during their stay, which they always love.

Having expanded into beach carts, bedding and bath and insanely fabulous picnic baskets that double as cheese boards – a brilliant idea, right? – The Beach People products are now stocked in 600 premium boutiques and department stores globally, including their beautiful store at Byron Bay.

Needless to say, these ladies know a thing or two about travel and the importance of guest experience at a hotel or Airbnb so we took five with Victoria to get her travel tips, her favourite hotels and bucket list destinations.

What are the thoughtful touches/little extras that matter most to you when you’re staying at a hotel or Airbnb?

V: The bath robes, towels and toiletries. I was recently in Venice Beach in LA and stayed at The Rose Hotel and I especially loved that they had bulk Aesop in the bathroom. I much prefer a giant bottle than the little throw away plastic ones so I really appreciated that.

I also LOVED when I recently stayed at The Ace Hotel and they left me a note on my bed written in highlighter pen. I loved that they used fluro green highlighter to write as it made me giggle.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

V: At the moment, with two young children – and hopefully more in the future – it’s camping in Yamba or visiting family in New Zealand. I dream of the days where my husband and I trot around Italy again but for now, the two hours in the car is much more appealing than 30 hours in a plane.

Can you recall your best guest experience?

V: I think it would be on our honeymoon in Italy. We stayed in this old manor house- turned-hotel and they had this very strange hidden room that was behind a wall of picture frames. You moved a frame and it revealed the lock, then the door opened into this secret room that overlooked the city and had access to a private garden. The owner of the entire property still lived upstairs and when she heard it was our honeymoon, she said to give us this room as it was traditionally used for romantic rendezvous in the past. What a story! I can tell you Yamba caravan park doesn’t quite compete… but it’s still fun.

Favourite hotel?

V: The Calile in Brisbane and The One Hotel in Miami as they are leaders in sustainability in the hospitality industry.

Three things you always take with you when travelling?

V: A phone charger and a back-up phone charger with an extra phone battery – I’m not kidding! I have been stranded in China lost and alone with no phone – never again!

What destinations are on your bucket list?

V: Israel.

Any travel tips?

V: Carry it all on if you can as checked in luggage is a real drag. If you go to LA often, leave Sunday night from Australia as you can sleep all night and arrive at night and then sleep again, ready to start work Monday morning in LA. Plus, you still get the weekend at home with the kids. Winning.

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